Your USP is More Important than Your Design

By Charlisha Renata


Have you ever been asked what makes you different from other designers? You may have answered my design aesthetic or I offer a different perspective on fashion design. Those are great answers but it will not set you apart from all the other very talented designers in the world. You NEED an Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Position (USP) and that starts with your Brand Image.

You may say, my design is my brand image but that isn’t your USP. An Unique Selling Proposition ties directly into your brand image, brand’s mission, and the reason your customers purchase your products. For example, think about what brands you purchase often, it doesn’t have to be a fashion item. Now think about why you purchase that brand. It is because of how it looks or is it about how you perceive the brand’s mission, how it applies to your lifestyle, social status, etc. Believe it or not, a better brand perception outweighs a better product.

To help you develop a brand image and take full advantage of marketing, advertising, and public relations follow these steps:

1. Define your brand’s mission.

What do you want to be known for? What you want to achieve? What do you want your brand to be associated with? A brand mission is the base of developing a unique selling position and establishing a lasting brand image.

2. Define your target market.

Who will wear your designs? What’s their age? Where will they wear your designs? What will they be doing? What’s their lifestyle? A simple “women between 18-30” isn’t a target market, it’s a demographic pool. Be more specific, for example, “professional women in early 30s that work in the creative markets, trendy and chic, mid level income, single, focused on career, loves to travel, and has girl friends that live similar lifestyle”.

3. Define your unique selling proposition.

What’s your value to your customers that they can’t find with other brand? What is your brand’s strength? Find ONE thing to answer those questions. You make think having several advantages as a brand will increase your customer base but your brand’s personality should be easily identifiable.

4. Develop an experience.

Let’s combine the first three steps to develop an experience that your customers will come back for, talk about, and look forward to. Think about Coca-Cola’s tag line “Open Happiness” . It is more than a slogan. You can see that message in all of their ads. They associated happiness with their brand effectively to the point people actually feel happy when they get a Coke. What will your experience be?

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